Nick 21 | Vin 21 | Joe 19
Twins and a younger brother always living life to the fullest. All photos are mine. Enjoy

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Anonymous said: You guys never answer of my asks and it makes me sad ):

I’m sorry :’(

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Anonymous said: miss you

miss you more babe

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Anonymous said: Hi I exist

yes indeed, and enjoy everyday you do like its your last

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Anonymous said: Do you have any advice to freshmen entering high school? I'm so nervous I'm gonna stick out and be hated

play a sport, plan on being in student government, join as many clubs that interest you, pay attention is class and do your homework, study hard, get A’s, don’t dress like everyone else/ be yourself, If your a girl don’t date a senior, don’t date anyone, if your a guy try and date a senior, actually, don’t get into a relationship in high school, last but not least, throw a banger of a house party and invite as many people as possible 

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Anonymous said: Do you guys like hickeys on the neck ?

one of the biggest turn ons

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Summertime fires and super moons 🔥🌕